I believe that every person has two sides to them, no matter who they are or where they are from. A good side and a bad side, a past and a future so we must embrace both. They have the side that they want people to see and then they have the other side, the side that they do not necessarily want people to see. 

During the first lockdown in 2020 I will be honest I welcomed the time at home, Not fully aware of the severity of what was about to overcome the world. As time went on I became very lazy with most things and had not picked up the camera for such a long time, but one day I decided that I would change that,

I had wanted to try and refine my skills within product photography and what better time to try it with the things I enjoy most, whisky and coffee along with all the free time I had. I have always preferred darker tones and shadows, but with out even realising it, it had an impact on how my shots were turning out. And so from then Rambling Journey was born. 

I wanted to keep this side of my photography out of sight and out of mind, unsure of how people that knew me would react to this style of shooting. But I will be honest, I really enjoy the creativity. If this is something that appeals to you please get in touch and I would be glad to get something put together.

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