Wet & Wild Misty Isle

Going to the Isle of Skye is always exciting, no matter how many times you visit. But this time I would be going back after a hefty fall, dislocating my shoulder and a night in the hospital. Now I know that accidents happen but I would say this was 80% bad judgement and impatience on my part, and the rest down to the conditions.

Anyway, I learnt my lesson and we will leave it at that.

So we started our journey at Kilchurn Castle after leaving Edinburgh after a late start due to a visit to Halfords for a replacement headlight bulb for the car, better to get the glitches out of the way first I suppose. We were the only ones here and I can honestly say on every visit the conditions have never been the same. The reflection was just incredible! Kilchurn Castle sits on the banks of Loch Awe and can be found on route to Oban, Managed to get a few photos in after working out how to use my camera again because it had been so long (LOL).

From here we pretty much made our way straight to the Misty Isle only stopping to eat and get fuel on the way. The drive is always pleasant enough when you've got good music on and snacks, snacks are a must.

After finding our camp spot for the evening, the decision was made to attempt Sgùrr na Strì at day break, this was extremely high on the list of things to tick off on Skye and we were so excited at the thought of finally managing the hike. Reaching it requires a 3-mile rugged walk, all of which is clearly marked out by the gravel path, but the rewards are immense. Many walkers reckon that the view from the summit - over Loch Coruisk, the Cuillin and the sea - is the finest in all Britain. There are four ways in which to get to the the summit. You can get boat tour from the village of Elgol which of course cuts out the three long walks. You can also walk from Elgol also, which takes you along the coast. The most common route is a 24km roundtrip walk from Sligachan, leading right to the summit. We opted for the shorter more direct route from Kilmarie to Camasunary Bay which involves a river crossing before heading straight up the side of the mountain. Let me say that we did not make the summit, or even attempt the hike as the weather closed in really quite bad around the peaks. Of course devastating but after last time, safety was first. The walk was really good, I highly recommend it this way as you can visit the bothy in the bay on route.

After an extensive and painful decision not to attempt the hike, we opted to explore around the bay and of course the bothy that sits there. Again, we had the entire place to ourselves which made it all the more special. Now time for the steep climb back up the hill towards the car.

As we got all the wet gear off and in to some dry clothes we put some lunch on and decided were next we would visit. That famous little white cottage was calling our name even though you could barely see it. This place did give us some moody conditions and it never fails to impress.

Sligachan Cottage

Not trusting the weather man one bit we decided to gamble on sunset at Talisker Bay, another one of those must visit places on Skye. The drive here is another enjoyable one with amazing views all around and even managed to stop and admire the local hairy coo's. I could say this about every place but I highly recommend a visit here, just be sure to give yourself a bit of extra time from the car park as there is a 15 minute walk. A sea stack, waterfall, mountain backdrop and the best part of all... Black sand! In true Patrick fashion I got there late and just managed to catch some light but was still an incredible visit.

As we set off in the dark find our next parking spot for the evening the weather did not improve much at all, in fact it was actually getting worse. As we found somewhere to cook and sleep for the night we managed to have some phone signal which was a pleasant surprise.

After a windy and cold nights sleep we went to Portree for a proper breakfast we were trying to decide what the plan was as the weather was not looking great. Looking out of the window of the cafe, one final chance with the weather was taken on a visit to the Old Man of Storr. The sun came out as we set off and couldn't believe our luck, then the hail came and did not hold back at all. One final slog to the top and managed to get the best weather so far with the sun coming out to say hello one last time on Skye.

Final edited image and some raw unedited footage for comparison.

I had not been to the Storr in over 2 years so it was actually really nice getting back to explore but I am already looking forward to going back for a few different angles. Once we were back to the cars we headed back to the white cottage and took advantage of the clear weather before heading off the island. Heading south I found myself feeling too tired to carry on so decided to find a spot to park and rest and I am so glad that I stopped because the following morning was a true gift.

Parking in the pitch dark to wake up to this was one of the best moments I have had. Scotland that time of the year is without question my favourite time to go and explore, and if I am really honest with myself, I don't mind playing the weather guessing game.

After the glorious sunrise and relaxed morning I had one final stop in mind before making the drive back home. A place I had visited before but didn't quite come away with the images I had in mind. Castle Tioram (pronounced Cheerum) which sits at the mouth of Loch Moidart. Another place I will visit again when the conditions are just right. The roads around here are some of the most scenic and narrow and twisty which adds to the getting here.

Thank you for following me on this journey :)