King's Hill Gin

I recently had the sheer pleasure of working with this newly released bottle design from a very local distillery to me just outside of Edinburgh, The Pentland Still.

Founded in 2017 by Alexander Morrison, King’s Hill Gin is the first spirit to come from The Pentland Still and although a fairly young gin, the inspiration behind it came long before you or anyone you know were here.

King’s Hill takes inspiration from a brave gamble long ago between King Robert the Bruce and Sir William ‘The Crusader’ Sinclair, deep in the Pentland hills overlooking our still.

King Robert and Sir William were in the area tracking a rare white stag. The King staked his Pentland estate against the life of Sir William that he would be first to capture this magnificent beast. Sir William with the help of his trusty hounds, Help and Hold, won the bet. In return, The Crusader named the spot where King Robert stood “King’s Hill”. Drawing on this rich history; our Gin has captured the essence of the area – bold, beautiful and bloody marvellous.

Also, I should add... It is bloody marvelous!