Frequently asked questions

How far can you travel for a family portrait session?

I will travel outside of Edinburgh if it is not suitable for you to travel, but at an additional cost. Generally family sessions tend to be with in the surroundings of Edinburgh and the Lothians.

Do I have to book through your website?

No not at all. If you have found a session or service that you like, or have your own idea of a custom session but would like more information on then feel free to send an email with all the details, and we can take it from there.

Can I book a home family portrait session for my kids?

Not directly through the website. It is not a service that tends to happen often, as space can be an issue. If there is a space large enough to set up a home studio then I can't see it being a problem, or if you dont require a studio setup then I am more than happy to come and visit you at home.

Are the prices advertised final?

No. The pricing structure that has been set out is merely a guide as to what the minimum charge is. If you have a session in mind but wish to adjust it to suit your needs and there is no option to book, then drop me an email with the details and we can work with you to make sure that you get what you ask for :)

Can I book an elopement shoot?

Yes you can. If you wish for us to be a part of such a special occasion then we can arrange for that to happen.

How far will you travel for a photography booking?

Quite far. Seriously, I love photography and telling a story and I am more than willing to travel across Scotland or anywhere for those reasons alone.

How do you manage social distancing during family and couple sessions?

Social distancing will be with us for a while, and it is the best way to keep us all as safe as possible. Photo shoots can quite often become very intimate at times between couples and families, and usually the photographer finds themselves a part of that to a degree. I am a keen landscape photographer so keeping my distance is easy. But taking the rules into consideration, ensuring that everyone is at a safe distance while having fun and putting my skills to the test, I am confident I can still get the desired shots.

What is a lifestyle portrait photographer ?

Lifestyle photography is posed in a sense that the photographer gives some direction and then captures what the natuaral response would be, this is also done without any direction at all and the photographer acts as if he was not there.

Can you help with professional family portraits ?

Yes. If you have a specific idea in mind of what you would like then we can make it happen.

Can I book you as a videographer?

Yes. You can hire us for any photo or video needs you have.

Will my booking still be available after lockdown?

Yes. Any bookings made before or during this period will be honoured and moved to the earliest and most convenient possible date.

What happens after we have had our session?

So after the session I will start on your photos usually the day after. I will edit all the images taken and send watermarked copys so you can select the images you would like. Once you are happy with your selection i will create a file and send the final images.


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